„Ex-Freundin“ (Ex-Girlfriend): “Rock music with a taste of extravagance“

What would happen if three teenagers decide to found a band, while having nothing in common, except a passion for e-guitars and a past with the very same ex-girlfriend. This would likely lead to the formation of a band having the meaningful name of „Ex-Girlfriend“ („Ex-Freundin“ in german).


This is how „Ex-Freundin“ was formed in 2001, starting out with german punk rock sound. However, since then, alot has changed. Today „Ex-Freundin“ is a band of 5 members, commited to english-based independent rock, joyous sound, solidly rocking, and a bit melancholic once in a while. The band based on Miguel Huesler (vocals), Reto Weber (solo guitar), Andre Meylan (rythm guitar), Roman Leimgruber (bass guitar) and Mike Kaser (drums) has gathered quite some stage experience in the past years. By this time they have become one of the most popular and well known local independent rock bands. The sound of a starting out in the backyard kind of band has developed into melodic, carrying away rock music.

„Ex-Freundin“ likes to be on stage, which besides their band room in their local town, is the real home of the band. Not to be taken to serious on stage, as off-color jokes are part of the shows, as is the intuitive rock sound. The band enjoys to entertain the crowd at best effort, having fun on stage, and following the simple key thought of let's rock !!! The guys simply enjoy to communicate with the audience. Looking back, one of the bands highlights surely was playing at the "Heitere Openair" in 2005, after winning the „Phondue“ Newcomer Contest. On stage at the OpenAir Festival (having 12.000 visitors a day) „Ex-Freundin“ gave a solid show of fervid sound, being celebrated by the press as „Newcomer Band of 2005“ afterwards.

In the last few years the band has released several recordings, starting in 2003 with their first record "Insane" that had an edition of 3500 CDs! Further, they have eternalized several songs on a Viynl record. On a compilation called „Entdeckungen 2004“ three songs, namely „Time to get revenge“, „Hate me“ und „Ex-girlfriend“ were recorded at the Rainbow-Studio, in the capital city of Bern in Switzerland. In December of 2005 the recent album „The seven deadly sins“ was recorded. It is the first professionally produced album, featuring 7 songs.

Altering vocals, intensive drums, backed up by solid bass tones and a tense solo guitar are the characteristics of „Ex-Freundin“. Ladies, let's rock !!!